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African Mango Diet – African Mango Plus

My African Mango Plus supplement story – So many people battle with losing weight, trying year after year to reach their goals and keep the lost
pounds from coming back. Now there are some people, such as myself, who have experienced weight loss with the aid of weight loss supplements – as long
as they are NATURAL and have no unwanted side effects – but some only help a little and are not worth the hassle of taking.

African Mango Plus – Dr Oz

When African Mango Plus was discovered, I knew that I had to give it a try myself and see what all the hype was about, it was even mentioned on Dr. Oz
and he recommended it!I knew from previous experience that I had to do some research and find some African mango plus reviews before buying, but after
a lot of searching and time wasting I didn’t uncover much that I didn’t know already about African Mango Plus. I found many reviews about people who had tried the product briefly and then wrote a very thorough review, I just didn’t like the look of these and the English was not always that good.

African Mango Plus Reviews – Dr Oz

african mango extractSo I thought, ” I really want to try the African Mango Plus supplement so why not write about my experience with African Mango Plus by following the instructions and taking it as Dr. Oz recommends you do”. Now as I mentioned I have tried many weight loss supplements before and because I have been let down so many times in the past, I dont get my hopes up in the beginning – plus I eat correctly and exercise around 3-4 sessions a week. With this in mind, dont think that you’ll get results from just taking this product by itself, you need to work hard at it and have the right balance of exercise, nutrition and rest. (and African Mango Plus, but we’ll get to that later! )so after I began taking this natural product, I  must admit that I noticed a boost basically straight away, and it was exactly what I needed to get me going and put me in the right mindset, so first impressions were good.

African Mango Diet

My existing diet was complimented by the African Mango Plus supplement, that’s for sure.Having the right diet is not easy for some, it sure wasn’t for me, but with this product I noticed that my appetite was much more controllable now and all those pestering cravings that I would have throughout the day had disappeared.By being on the African mango diet, you’ll notice everything else follow such as eating healthy and being in the right mindset.And because you get an awesome boost of energy, going to the gym is easy and you will actually want to work out without getting tired.

African Mango Plus Side Effects

My energy levels were soaring, no need to worry about diet and how much I weighed, just like how I used to feel. As I said earlier, I have been down this “trying to lose weight” path before and was used to counting calories, sticking to rules and just generally worried about the pounds.But because of the African Mango Plus supplement, I was now in a position of being able to get on with my life and not care about those aspects – and I was constantly in a fantastic mood! I tried to understand why I was feeling so happy at one point and realized that it had to be the African Mango extract, nothing had ever made me feel so great and just generally put me on the right track.

The African Mango Plus Diet

African Mango Plus – When I used to try lose weight by taking a weight loss supplement, I was weighing myself almost straight after taking the product to see if any pounds had been shed, and this usually led to me thinking too much about my weight- this time round I thought lets give it a week before jumping on the scales. So I set aside a time once a week, sometimes two, just to make sure I picked up any noticeable improvements. The initial couple of weeks I saw a little bit of improvement while on the African mango diet, and if you are like me and seeking to get rid of that extra baggage that  makes you feel ugly then you will probably experience the same.  So dont be put off if you dont star seeing the pounds flying off straight away, keep your goals in mind and continue to use African Mango Plus day after day.For me, the biggest achievement came at around the three month mark, I had lost 30 pounds by this stage and I was over the moon with joy.african mango diet

I love the way African Mango Plus makes me look and feel

Some people think that 3 months is too long to wait, but think about this: it is unhealthy to lose weight over a short period of time and it often ends up with the person packing on more pounds that when they first started. African Mango Plus is a natural way to lose weight, and  months is not that long when you think about it.Its one of the healthiest ways to lose weight, and the 3 months are going to come any way, might as well take African Mango Plus over that period of time.I have heard that some people say African Mango Plus does not work or give the desired results, I tend to disagree with this. It makes me think that these people did not use it as it is meant to be used – when I took it I made it part of my diet, not a “magic pill” and was conscious of what I was eating plus I went to the gym moderately while using the product.

Taking the African Mango and using the product

So at the end of the day, the African Mango Plus supplement is not going to shed off pounds over night, it requires some work on your behalf, thats why the African mango diet is often talked about.  One of the sole functions is to give you an energy boost and assist with your diet regime, and this is just what it does. If you are tired of weight loss supplements that are filled with caffeine and chemicals that make you all jittery, I would suggest trying this product, African Mango Plus is the healthiest way I have found to lose weight. PS. I have heard that African Mango plus green tea works well too! Now click on the link below and visit the official African Mango Plus site:


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African Mango Extract

What do you know about African mango extract?

Can the African mango extract really give a lot of

benefits for your health and aid weight loss? Is it safe to consume the fruit of the African

Mango and what are African mango extract side effects? If you want to know about the answers

above then you need to read this article. First we need to know, are you a fan of mangoes? If

yes, then this is good news for you. Mango is a tropical fruit that many people enjoy. With many

variants of this seasonal fruit, mango can be found in a variety of snacks served.  Besides

being delicious, this fruit also has health benefits because mango is a good source of vitamin,

fiber, and minerals. Mango is one fruit that has a full, delicious flavor and a variety of

nutrients that the body needs.

Mango’s-African Mango Extract

Do you know that the African mango species are those which are best to be eaten when you are

trying to lose weight? For dieters, the African mango extract can prove to be reliable aid for

their weight loss program, helping you achieve your weight loss goals the healthy and natural

way.Most women care about their appearance; of course, and expect to always look good naturally.

Along with increasing age in which makes the body’s metabolism works more slowly, the problem of

weight gain can be a very common and  is also quite upsetting. A lot of busy people just find it

rather difficult to actually implement a healthy lifestyle. Want to exercise sometimes collides

with the problem of time constraints also regulate food intake. Not to mention that sometimes

they have to meet with business partners who are inevitably require that they, too, share in the

meal that they should probably avoid.

African Mango Extract for weight loss

Today many people are desperate to lose weight but super busy due to their day to day activity,

they are looking for ‘shortcut’ that is able to offer rapid weight loss results without the

hassle. Slimming products that promise drastic weight loss in a short time without any exercise

needed are just targeting people who want to get instant results. Honestly, I was even drawn in

and interested to try some of them, as long as it does not endanger my health of course. But

then I  decided to try another one of the popular slimming pill-shaped product, which is an

extract of the African mango fruit seed aka African Mango (Irvingia Gabonensis).

African Mango Extract: Dr Oz

This slimming pill is so popular even loved by the celebrities all over the world. This product

popularity increased after Dr. Oz who has a talk show on television called the African mango

extract as “one of the 10 wonders to lose weight” up to 5 pounds in 28 days, without hardcore

dieting and without any African mango side effects at all. Several scientific studies have been

done and all of them are showing that African mango extract is effective for weight loss.

According to a study published in the journal Lipids in Health and Disease, African mango

extract can reduce body weight by 5 pounds in 28 days, without extreme dieting and exercise. Not

only that, the African Mango extract fruit which grows only in Cameroon, Africa, is also claimed

to reduce waist up to 2 inches!

Other benefits of the African Mango Extract

The fruit is also touted as a super fruit because it also has the ability to lower bad

cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood glucose levels. African mango extract is actually a

different type of mango which we are familiar with and see in supermarkets. Slightly rounded

shape with a slightly reddish green color, like an apple. But as I have mentioned above, the

most effective part for weight loss is actually the African mango extract which is contained in

its seeds, not in the flesh. The tree itself grows in many regions of Cameroon and seeds are

referred by locals as Dikka nuts. It is said that for thousands of years extracts of mango seed

has been used for generations for treatment. African mango extract that contains in the

nutritious seeds may help preventing obesity, as well as lowering cholesterol, and also treating

the infection. It’s really interesting, right?

The African Mango Scam

I hope that you are also interested to try it now. Currently, there are many brands of the

African mango extract on the market. We just have to be careful in your selection because people

said there are similar products imported from China, but the actual material used is artificial

materials. Those who are interested to know more, or maybe even buy pills or slimming products

made from the African mango extract, then you can order it from the official African Mango Plus

site. This type of mango is now hunted by a lot of people for purpose of making their body slim.

Consider the good of the African mango extract for weight loss.

The African Mango Side Effects

The African mango is different than the other types of mangos in general. And you don’t need to

worry about African mango side effects because its natural, you will not find any side effects

by consuming this fruit. African Mango Plus gets the main benefit from its seeds which contain

fiber and help you burn fat. The Compounds in the African mango extract, namely leptin, is

potent in controlling your appetite. Additionally, the African mango lowers cholesterol and

improve insulin production functions that help convert fat into energy.  The African mango diet

is one of the most effective types of diet and is not so hard to do, unlike usual diets you

might of tried. Not only will you be able to lose weight, the African mango diet is nutritious

and combats various diseases as well as improving metabolism.

Should I try the African Mango Extract?

There are many reasons for you to try the African mango extract, one of which is to lose weight

as it has been described above. Just leave the diet pill that might actually be doing damage to

your health and switch to the African mango extract to lose weight. Several studies have shown

that the African mango extract increases fat burning through accelerating the metabolism

naturally and helps the body burn stored fat that is currently in the body. The fruit that comes

from the West African coast has a soluble fiber that helps suppress your appetite.

Does the African Mango Extract have any other names?

The African mango is also called wild mango or bush mango and it differs from other mango

fruits. Since several decades, the African mango extract has been used as a natural supplement

to lose weight. Many dieticians recommend the African mango extract as a natural solution to

lose weight. This is because they are safe and free from side effects: the main health benefit

derived from the African mango seeds. Seeds of this fruit have soluble fiber and healthy fats

and helps burn extra fat in your body. Leptin is one of the main ingredients that control

appetite. Low cholesterol fruit is able to curb the leptin hormone that can delay hunger and

burn calories.

The African Mango Diet

Taking the African mango Plus supplement may lower cholesterol and improve insulin production,

which automatically converts fat into energy. The African mango diet is followed by many dieters

to lose weight without much effort. Mango diet is a weight loss aid, used to combat disease, and

improve metabolism. Many people exercise as well for a few weeks and then realized that they did

not lose much so much weight. Don’t you think it is time for you to try the African mango

extract? Click on the link below to visit the official African Mango Plus site:


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African Mango – Other Uses and Side Effects

The African Mango wood from the tree is extremely hard and durable, making it very well suited for construction work and also making of decks on boats or rail way lines.

The fallen dead branches of the African Mango tree are often just used as wood for the fire. These particular trees are used in another different way – to help shade different agriculture such as coffee and cocoa. They play a big part by reducing soil erosion as well, which helps maintain the quality of the surrounding land.

More recently, the suburban and city areas have noticed the beauty of the African Mango tree and because they are so big, the African Mango tree is perfect for creating shade and shelter or just to make the area more beautiful.

Every year you will find that Dika Seed (African Mango seed) is traded by the tons. A lot of this trade mainly happens within Africa itself, but recently there has been a growing demand in the United States. Dika is seen as cash crop and is now producing a steady form of income for many due to the popularity of the African mango extract that can be made for weight loss

African Mango – Pharmaceutical and medicinal uses

There was a control case study in 2005 that showed that African Mango extract proved to be also good as a weight loss aid, when studied within a group of people who suffered from obesity, compared to a placebo that was also used in the same group. There were noticeable results in weight loss, the size of people’s waists and hips and blood pressure was also reduced in the people who took the African Mango extract. The ones who were on the placebo saw no difference. Weight loss was observed to be proportionate to each individual’s body. There was another follow up case study that lasted a bit longer in 2009 and this reported a loss in overall body fat as well as general weight loss.

African Mango Side Effects

There have been no reported cases of side effects from taking African Mango as a weight loss aid, despite numerous tests and clinical trials. The fruit itself has been a part of many central African diets so it is safe to say that the African mango extract that is found in weight loss aids will not result in any unwanted or negative side effects. It is actually it is actually one of the most, if the most natural way to help shed the pounds and lose weight, due to the high quality and pure ingredients.

Cultivation of the African Mango

The Dika seeds were mainly harvested from the wild African mango trees, until a few years ago when their demand increased. Many people thought that it took around 15 years for the African mango tree to grow and give fruit so responsible conversation was not put in place. Plus because the African Mango trees were not sought after by commercial foresters, there were plenty of them growing naturally. Then came a time were plantations were needed and these were carried out by using air layering plants, and they flowered within a 2 – 4 year period!

As this species of tree has never been commercially managed, there is not a lot of experience with how to harvest it. There are problems with germinating the seed, a lot of care and attention is needed and the majority fail to even sprout. To obtain the seed from within the shell, it is usually baked manually. But every country has its own way of doing things! You will find that some people like to harvest the seed when the fruit dries naturally in the sunshine while others prefer to dig it out from the fresh African mango fruit. Both require a lot of time and dedication, and as we all know, time is money!

African Mango Plus HQ Home

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Irvingia gabonensis – The African Mango Tree

There are a lot of African Mango reviews online but none really talk about the tree itself, so I decided to do a bit of research into this and provide some background into the African Mango extract, hopefully you will find it interesting! There are many other uses for this tree apart from weight loss and dieting, but I guess you find that with most things!

African Mango Tree2Irvingia gabonensis – or more commonly know as Bush Mango, Wild Mango or African Mango is part a wide variety of trees in Africa, specifically in the genus Irivangia.The fruit is very similar to the mango that we all know, but what makes these types of trees so popular is the nut that it carries inside of its fruit, which is full of protein and fat.

Its local Habitat

The African Mango Tree  or Irvingia gabonensis is local to central Africa and is found in the north of Angola as well as in Cote d’Ivore, south-west Uganda and the Congo, the rain forests African Mango Mapin this region are particularly suitable for the African Mango due to its humidity. The tree’s are also planted in areas such as South Cameroon and Nigeria, as well as Tongo and Ghana

The African Mango Tree Description

Irvingia gabonensis is a really tall tree, often you will find it reaching 40 meters high and more than a meter in width.The buttresses of the African Mango tree can reach as high as 3 meters.It has brilliantly smooth but sometimes scaly bark on the outside which can be a yellowish grey in color.The leaves are a beautiful green that has a really shiny, almost waxy side on the top and one side is more round than the other.When the African Mango tree blooms, it’s flowers are yellow and green/white.The African mango tree’s flowers are in fact bi sexual.The actual mango is in a sphere shape which is green when ripe, the flesh is a fantastic orange/yellow just like the sun!Inside the African Mango fruit, you will find the stone which will bare the much sought after seed. The African Mango seeds begin to grow close to the surface when germinating.

African Mango Uses.

Us humans (and a bunch of animals and birds I’m sure! ) enjoy eating the flesh of the African mango. But interestingly enough, it is actually used in a variety of ways: some people make wine from it, some make jam and some make African Mango juice!There are also people who use the pulp of the tree to make black dye for coloring clothes! When comparing the fruit against the seed, you see that it is only one small part of the many uses that the African mango tree provides.The outer coat of the African Mango fruit needs to be opened up before you can get to the valuable seed.The locals call the seed the dika nut and it is often roasted over a fire or just munched on naturally.But more often they are made into butter or a block that resembles coco.

African Mango fRUITThe actual seeds of the African Mango tree are often compressed into an oil that can be eaten or mad into margarine! This oil has many uses and can be made into cosmetics and health products…even soap! When making the oil, there is a cake like block left over and this is sometimes given to livestock such as cows to eat or used in soup to add a bit of thickness, nothing goes to waste! It is also made into Dika Bread, which makes it last longer as it preserves the left over fruit.The leaves of the African Mango tree as well as the bark have a wide variety of medicinal uses.It also makes a great laxative and helps clear out the intestines and cleanse the liver, and also to treat discharge from the urethra and/or cuts, grazes and general wounds.


African Mango Plus HQ Home

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